Be a vendor at the Westbank Farmers' Market

If you're a grower, a baker, a food artisan or a crafter we'd love to have you join our family at the Westbank Farmers' Market. We've made the process easy and inexpensive and we invite you to look into joining us and reaching the ever-growing market available in Westbank and the surrounding area.

We'll include a link to your existing web site, Facebook and Twitter pages and email on our web site and all promotional material at no charge and feature any specials you may have during the Market season in our regular advertising, weekly Market newsletter and the Market Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The cost of a stall (approximately 10 x 10 feet) is $20.00 per Market session. A discount is available for those wishing to pre-pay for the season (13 weeks). The pre-paid season rate is $220.00. Rates and stall sizes are subject to change depending upon venue.

Pre-paid rentals are non-refundable except in the case of weather-related cancellations in which case a prorated weekly amount will be issued.

Vendor Application

To be part of the Market please read the information below and then download and complete the vendor application and email to

Download Vendor Application Form

Please be aware that the general information found on this page forms a part of the agreement.

Non-profit and community groups that are providing information are invited to participate at the Market at no charge with prior approval. Contact the Vendor Coordinator - - to reserve your spot.

General Vendor Information

  • The 2024 Westbank Farmers' Market is scheduled every Saturday from June 29th - September 28th, 2024.
  • The Market is located in the parking lot of Westridge Shopping Centre at the corner of Main Street and Elliott Road in Westbank, BC.
  • The Market opens at 9AM and runs until 1PM.
  • Vendors are required to arrange to have stalls completely set up and staffed no later than 8:45AM on Market days and all vehicles removed from the Market area prior to opening. Vendors who are not in compliance may be refused entry.
  • THE WESTBANK FARMERS' MARKET IS NOT A FLEA MARKET. Vendors are only permitted to sell products they have made, baked, or grown themselves.
    note: small number of merchants may be permitted.
  • Vendors are not allowed to hawk, accost or badger customers
  • Vendor's products may be sold by the vendor or an employee of the vendor. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that any employee has read, understands and agrees to comply with these Rules of Operation.
  • Produce and food vendors must display their product a minimum of 8 inches above ground or floor level.
  • Vendors selling products by weight must use a scale that has a current certification in accordance with the provisions of The Weights and Measures Act of Canada.
  • Vendors are responsible for obtaining tax Registration Numbers where required, and collecting and remitting applicable taxes to the appropriate authority upon sale of their items.
  • Vendors are required and responsible for keeping their stall space and surrounding area clean and tidy during and upon departure from the market.
  • Vendors selling produce do so at their own risk with respect to any applicable marketing board.
  • Vendors selling produce as organically grown must be certified and provide proof of such certification to the Market Manager upon request.
  • Vendors must properly secure all awnings and tents.
  • Vendors must remove their vehicles from their stalls (unless the vehicle is approved to be parked completely within the stall space by the Market Manager).
  • Vendors are not permitted to pack up their products prior to the official market closing time without the prior approval of the Market Manager, who shall remain on site until one half hour after the Market closes. Official closing time is 1PM.
  • Vendors are required to carry liability insurance to cover themself, the Westbank Farmers' Market, the Callahan Property Group and their products. Proof of insurance is required. Food and beverage vendors are required to provide proof of suplimentary insurance covering the safety of their ingestible products.

Food Vendors

The Westbank Farmers' Market requires that all food vendors comply with Interior Health Regulations.
In order to become a Food Vendor at the Westbank Farmers' Market you will need to contact Interior Health (contact number below) for approval. Food Safe Level I is mandatory, and your certificate of completion must be available at all times.
Food vendors are required to carry liability insurance to cover themself, the Westbank Farmers' Market and their products. Liability insurance is to be arranged by the vendor. Proof of insurance is required. General liability for the market site is provided by HWA.

Interior Health Contact Telephone: 250-979-7665

Please review the documents below:

For more information please contact

Mobile Food Vendors Invited

The Westbank Farmers Market wants to provide a full and varied experience for our community and invites local and area mobile food vendors to contact us to explore bringing your offerings to the Market.

To get more information about becoming a mobile food vendor at the Westbank Farmers Market please email us at Food Vendor spaces are limited so we invite you to contact us early.